Good Morning New Horizons: Why do courses start so early?

We’ve heard the early bird gets the worm. Sometimes we question how early is too early? As a retired USAF Medic, I am the type of person who is up at 5:00am with out an alarm every morning. Here is the most common answers to my clients question: Why do some courses start at 6:00am?
6:00am Courses – Up Before the Sun Students
We have partnered with New Horizons all over the United States to give our clients the largest Guaranteed to Run schedule. For you, this means courses run daily and weekly to give you the best option to fit training days into your busy schedule with a live instructor.
Typically courses that begin at 6:00am are taught via Hosted Distance Learning (HDL) in our training locations or can also be taken OnlineLIVE (OLL) from your home or work office. In fact,92% of surveyed business clients chose online virtual instructor-led training (Online LIVE) as their preferred training modality.*
7:00am to 8:00am Courses – Early Risers
Our courses taught by local NHLG Instructors begin at 7:00am or 8:00am to mirror most of our organizations typical work days. Through the next few months you can expect to see more 8:00am start times for courses as we adjust our schedule to your needs. These courses can be taught HDL, OLL, Traditional Instructor Led Training (ILT). Many of our State and Local Governments clients prefer to take these courses within usual business hours.
Midday and Afternoon Courses – Night Owls
Local cohorts begin anywhere between 11:00am and 4:00pm. If you prefer to take courses in the afternoon, please contact one of our Training Experts for and we can help facilitate a dedicated training program for you.
Whenever I Want O’Clock – On My Own Time Students
Get the specific information you need precisely when you need it with a robust catalog of productivity tools and tips that is ready whenever you are. New Horizons’ NH Anytime eLearning Catalogs are the most up to date and engaging video learning library available today.

*All survey results are part of an independent third party organization, TechValidate. and can be viewed here:

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