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Logical Operations Certifications: Industry Contributor badge holders have served as subject matter experts and/or scheme committee members for the development of a Logical Operations certificate program. They have valuable industry knowledge about the knowledge, skills and abilities that certification exam takers will need to test. This badge was a significant contribution to the CyberSec First Responder certification program (CFR-210)
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Logical Operations is pleased that the United States Department of Defense has approved the CyberSec first responder (CFR-210) certification program. This program is DoD Directive 8570 compliant. DoD-8570 provides guidelines and procedures for training, certification and management of all DoD employees who are involved in Information Assurance functions within their line of duty. CFR is now an approved Baseline Certificate for the CSSP Analyst/CSSP Incident Responder categories. It verifies the skills required to perform these job functions.
The CyberSec First Response (CFR) certification by Logical Operations is intended primarily for cybersecurity professionals. It validates that individuals have high-stakes skills to serve their organizations during, after, and before a security breach. The training course was designed to prepare IT professionals for their CFR210 certification. It focuses on the knowledge and skills required to defend information systems in a cybersecurity environment. This includes protection, detection, investigation, response, and analysis.
Joe Mignano (VP of Channels and Logical Operations) stated that “Logical Operations is delighted for CyberSec First Responder(CFR)” to be an approved certification under Department of Defense Directive 8570. “This approval allows individuals who perform vital information assurance functions for the United States government and their contractors to validate their Analyst or Incident Responder job skills through our certification program.
CyberSec First Responseer exam also meets the ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standards and is accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). This accreditation was made December 2016. ANSI is internationally recognized and is the hallmark of a high-quality certification program. Logical Operations’ commitment to cybersecurity education and ability to meet the strictest cybersecurity certification standards in today’s industry are highlighted by the ANSI approval as well as the addition of CFR to DoD Directive 8570.

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