Project Management Trends [2022]

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It’s clear that project management today is very different from five years ago. Project management trends shape our profession. Technology is constantly evolving. We see new tools, consolidation, innovation, and more.
Trends can change over time, or they can stay with us and evolve into new ways to work that are “the way we do it around here”.
We all know that change is inevitable. What are the trends in project management that will change the way you do your job? How can you get the most out of them? You have the answer! Continue reading!
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How project management is changing
Ten Project Management Trends You Need to Know
1. Why is it important to manage a hybrid team?
What you can do

2. Why is it important?
What you can do

3. Why is it important to integrate change management into a project’s success?
What you can do

4. Why is it important to have soft skills and EQ?
What you can do

5. Mental health is a priorityWhy are they important?
What can you do?

6. Artificial intelligence and RPAWhy are they important?
What you can do

7. PMOs need to make a strategic shiftWhy is it important
What can you do?

8. Why is it important to customize project management tools?
What you can do

9. Tailoring project management methodsWhy is it important
What you can do

10. Why is it important to have business integrators and online managers?
What you can do

How project management is changing
Trends can be hard to notice. Trends are often shorthand for the prediction or gradual evolution. You don’t notice that the world is changing beneath your feet, you just do your job.
Don’t wait until it’s too late
How many people from our parents’ generation felt less desirable at work because of being anachronistic? I don’t want to see you in that situation.
The way projects are managed will be affected by the changing tech, economic, and social considerations.
Ten Project Management Trends You Need to Know
Leaders must understand how the world around them impacts the work they do today and how to plan for the future.
Are you ready to learn more? These are the top trends in project management for 2022 that will shape the future of project delivery.
1. Management of a hybrid team
Project leaders must manage a mixed workforce today. Your project team is not guaranteed to be available every day.
Remote work has been a part of the project ecosystem from off-shoring and close-shoring development to customer services. However, it is now possible for a colleague who lives further away to be at her home office at least part of the week.
Why is it important?
“The only thing that came out of this pandemic was (at first) the necessity and (later on) the willingness for employers to accept flexible work,” Amanda Haynes, Marketing Manager at Ganttic.
“Remote and mixed work has been a boon to employee work/life balance, and often a prerequisite of new employees. She adds that 91% of US workers would like to work remotely in the future. “And since we are already in the middle the great resignation, companies must be open to this work model in an effort to retain their employees.”
What you can do
Accept the trend. It’s a great way to get out of the office and enjoy the benefits.
Use tools to keep your hybrid and remote teams on the same page.
You should be open to using a variety of tools to meet the needs of your colleagues.

2. Trust is more important than control, especially in remote teams.
The coronavirus pandemic, if nothing else, has shown us that remote working is a viable way to work. Businesses that resist

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