Roundup of the PMI EMEA Congress

808 people came from 54 countries to see the Molly Malone statue at DublinPMI Global Congress EMEA. The United States sent the most delegate (weird for an European event, but someone I spoke with said it was a great networking opportunity), the U.K. and Ireland. I also met people from the U.A.E, Nigeria, Kuwait, as well as Romania.
According to Beth Partleton (the Chair of PMI’s Board), 35% of PMI members live outside North America today. However, you don’t need to be a PMI Member to attend Congress.
As many others have done, I’ve been writing about my experiences since returning from Dublin. Here’s a summary of what you might have missed.
Video diary
My video diary for Day 1 with my first impressions. My video diary for Day 2 including the Irish folk band. My video diary for Day 3 including my sightseeing tour around Dublin
I also produced a video diary from the EMEA Leadership Institute Meeting, which was held prior to Congress. I gave a presentation on using social media to connect members.
These are some articles that are based on Congress presentations.
How to manage up: How to help your manager
Talking in the office: How your words can impact your projects
The work of PMIEF in Philanthropic Projects and the second part that describes two case studies on school project management.
Complex projects: Early warning signs and the second part about using project reviews as a way to spot early warning signs are both available on The Money Files blog at Gantthead.
Luis Seabra Coelho summarized all the presentations he saw on Ah-Ha Moments.
Thomas Juli shared his presentation about collaboration for success on his blog.
To view all tweets related to the event, search #pmidublin on Twitter.
There may be other articles. Let me know in the comment section if you have any!

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