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Two emails changed my outlook on this blog in the last year.
The first came from an African lecturer who teaches project management to women students. He explained that he uses this site because he believes it’s a job that women can do well in. We might have inspired some girls to get into project management through what we do here.
The second came from a woman suffering from a long-term condition. She stated that her emails kept her connected with work during her treatment. Even if it was just a distraction from a difficult day I am grateful that I could have helped in some small way.
This blog has been around for more than 10 years. Although it may sound strange to say, it’s the only one that I’ve ever thought about what you might want. This year, I have tried to provide more resources and useful guides. I have removed outdated articles. In 2017, I will be more helpful in connecting with you to the ideas, tools, and resources that make managing projects and teams easier.
But that’s next year… Keep an eye out for this.
2016 is over for now. Although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, I believe in taking the time to thank those who helped me keep my blog going throughout the year.
It has been a great year! saw a 70% increase in users in 2016, 61% more page views, and approximately 6,300 people joined our newsletter community since January 2016. This means that we are now an online gang of over 14k project managers. (Yes, we do filter out fake emails and people who don’t open the messages more than once a quarter.
You are my first shout-out in the annual show off of appreciation.
No matter if you’re new to the site or have been here for 10 years, thank you for all your comments, downloads and Facebook likes.
Now, let’s move on to the next step.

Companies that allow me to review their software
These companies provided me with free access to their software to review.
Project Viewer for Primavera

Vizzlo was also reviewed by me because I purchased it and use it regularly for work and blogging.
While I enjoy researching new software, and bringing you the best tools to manage your projects effectively, there are times when I wish I could write a blog about chocolate J.
People I interviewed
Interviewing is a difficult task. I’ve done many, so I know what it takes. These people made time in their busy schedules to share their ideas with all of us.
Penny Pullan (This was so much fun, but we had just opened a glass of wine …)
Jerry Ihejirika
Peter Taylor
Erica Pepitone
William W. Davis
Craig Kilford
Ellen Maynes (who taught me that project management can really change the world)
Traci Duez
Christine Unterhitzenberger
Sarah Coleman
Monica Borrell
Lorraine Chapman
Caroline Crewe-Read

People who have invited me speak at their events
I am grateful to the following organizations for inviting me to speak at their events, or to their students.
PMI Congress EMEA Barcelona
Digital PM Summit in San Antonio (Texas) (watch the roundups for Day 1 and Day 2).
PMI Poland Chapter
Institute of Contemporary Music Production
Hogeschool Utrecht

People who have contributed guest posts
Although there were over 100 articles published this past year, not all of them were written by me. Some of the most amazing pieces have been contributed by the talented community, including:
Elisa Cepale: 5 Tips to Re-energise Daily Standup Meetings
Paul Pelletier: Are You a Workplace Bully And Profit, Productivity and Peace: The Business Case to Eliminate Workplace Bullying
Chris Hammond, The Battle Between Progress and Process
Patrick Mayfield, A Strategy to Engage and Deal with Difficult People
Edoardo Binda Zane – How to Help Teams Make Group Choices
Mike Clayton, Wha

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