Cisco Unique Certification Program 2022: What will it offer?

Cloud and advanced networking technologies are the norm these days. As a result, more companies are dependent upon basic software and networking hardware vendors like Cisco.
If you are a networking specialist looking to make a career out of your work, Cisco certification is a good option. Cisco-qualified professionals are competent enough to use these networking products. This gives them an advantage in a highly competitive labor market.
Cisco Renewed Accreditation Overview
It is no secret that Cisco certification leads the IT industry. Even now, despite the pandemic, Cisco continues to improve and develop its tiered accreditation program. It focuses on network engineers, security professionals, and developers.
The structure of the certification path has changed. Previously, only CCT (Entry), Cisco Certified Specialist (Associate), Cisco CCNP (Professional) and/or CCIE Expert certificates could be obtained. Candidates can now also be awarded the Cisco Certified Specialist designation as an intermediate step in their journey to CCNP and CCIE accreditation. This Cisco qualification level allows candidates to demonstrate their unique experience and allows them to choose a narrower technology area such as Service Providers, Collaboration, Security, CyberOps or Data Center.
The Cisco DevNet Certification is the highest level
It is worth mentioning the expansion of DevNet’s qualification path as one of the new innovations. DevNet, a Cisco developer community, is a program that focuses on industrial and technological transformation on Cisco platforms. This Cisco qualification track has just been launched. The DevNet accreditation set, which covers software development, automation and Internet of Things, was only recently updated. It also covered Webex skills at three levels: Associate, Specialist, Professional.
Cisco announced a new opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their expertise in secure automation tools, programming, and automation. In 2022, the Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certificate will be available. This certificate will be awarded after passing two exams. The qualifying exam coded 350-901 DEVCOR is designed to evaluate the applicant’s knowledge in software design and development as well as the effectiveness of Cisco platforms, automation and application deployment, infrastructure, APIs, and infrastructure.
The DevNet Expert-level Lab will be available on May 2, 2022. This test will measure the professional’s skills in planning, designing and testing, developing, deploying and maintaining effective automation solutions in a variety software-defined networks over the course of eight hours. Based on preliminary information, this evaluation will cover the following sections:
Software Design, Development, & Deployment includes designing solutions based upon different clouds, defining a strategy to reduce risk, using Git during the development process, and troubleshooting CI /CD pipeline issues.
Infrastructure as code includes the creation of scalable solutions and NETCONF filter. The basic Cisco NSO service package is also available. Also, the use of the REST API.
Network Programmability and Automation includes scripting using Python libraries, Cisco IOSXE network appliance configuration and deployment, and telemetry solution design.
Containers are used in conjunction with creating a Docker Image, packaging solutions through Docker Compose, Kubernetes, and working with a Docker Host.
Security includes the use OWASP secure encryption methods, certificate signature request (CSR), using OpenSSL, as a well as tokens, secret management system and OAuth2+.
This exam is intended for automation professionals, DevNet certified professionals, network architects, team leaders, and automation engineers with 5-7+ years of experience in optimizing NetDevOps technologies and solutions.
The exam covers the entire software development lifecycle and lasts 8 hours. It consists of 2 modules: Design (3 hours) and Development, Deployment and Testing (5 hours). Both modules are time-bound and will be taken in the exact order mentioned above. Candidates can register three months before their desired date. The test will be first launched in May 2022.
It is worth noting, however, that the Cisco certification program developers claim that this exam is the first of its kind due to the inclusion of a completely new approach.

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